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Meeting My Deadbeat Dad, The President

<b>REMEMBER</b> the color codes LOL there's a lot in this one:\n@@color:pink;MC@@ @@color:orange;Sora@@ @@color:blue;Kaiji@@\n@@color:red;Subaru@@ @@color:deeppink;Mizuki@@ @@color:indigo; Katsuragi@@\n\nI was escorted to what appeared to be a guest room.\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"They sure don't save when it comes to decorating the Prime Minister's residence like they do with our social programs..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"Your bodyguards will be back soon. I need to go and arrange a schedule for your protection."</b>@@\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"Please wait here."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Right."</b>@@\n\nI waved my hand and continued sight seeing around the room when the door opened once more.\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n@@color:red;<b>"Oh, you're already in here."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Oh..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(It's that guy that brought me to the helicopter and kept molesting me.)@@\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n<b>@@color:deeppink;"Welcome to your new home."@@</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Thank you?"</b>@@\n\n<b>@@color:deeppink;"Oh, that's right. We haven't introduced ourselves yet. I'm Mizuki Fujisaki, and this is..."@@</b>\n\n@@color:red;<b>"...Subaru Ichiyanagi."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Nice to meet you, Mr. Fujisaki and Mr. Ichiyanagi."</b>@@\n\n<b>@@color:deeppink;"Please call me Mizuki. Everyone in our team calls each other by name."@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:deeppink;"And others as well."@@</b>\n\n@@color:red;<b>"Since when do we call everyone by their first name?"</b>@@\n\n<b>@@color:deeppink;"So you really want her to be calling you by your last name?"@@</b>\n\n@@color:red;<b>"Subaru is fine. Its too much of a hassle otherwise."</b>@@\n\n<b>@@color:deeppink;"Okay?"@@</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Ok-okay..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Why the heck is he making a big deal of something so petty. What a dumbass.)@@\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n@@color:orange;<b>"I'm so happy to see you here!"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Who?"</b>@@\n\nA cute smallish man appeared from behind Subaru and Mizuki.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Who...are you?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:orange;<b>"Don't you remember me? Well..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:orange;<b>"Have you been waiting long?"</b>@@\n\nHe winked at me.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"You were the woman who called out to me...?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(I'm jelly because he was cuter than me when he was cross dressing.)@@\n\n@@color:orange;<b>"That's right. I'm Sora Hirosue."</b>@@\n\n@@color:orange;<b>"Please to meet you."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Sora..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Must jot that down.)@@\n\n@@color:orange;<b>"Why are you looking so down in the dumps?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(No I'm looking for some paper and pen.)@@\n\n@@color:orange;<b>"Cheer up! ♪ Chin up! ♪ You're safe here."</b>@@\n\nSora prodded my cheek lightly.\n\n@@color:grey;(His cheerfulness reminds me of someone... but who?)@@\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n@@color:blue;<b>"You come on too strong, Sora."</b>@@\n\nJust as I realized another man had entered the room, they had pulled Sora away from me.\n\n@@color:grey;(He's the plain looking guy who grabbed hold of the guy pointing that gun at me.)@@\n\n@@color:blue;<b>"You haven't changed one bit. You always have that same ferocious look when something is troubling you."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"What are you talking about?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:blue;<b>"What? Don't you remember me? How cruel."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Who's this drama queen?)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"So... who are you again?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:blue;<b>"Kaiji Akizuki. We used to play together as kids, and take naps together."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Kaiji...Akizuki...Oh...That Kaiji."</b>@@\n\n@@color:blue;<b>"Yeah that Kaiji."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I'm surprise to see you here, as bodyguard."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(I had always thought you would grow up to be a delinquent.)@@\n\n@@color:blue;<b>"After all those tears you cried for me when I moved..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Sir you must be mistaken. I would never cry even at a funeral."</b>@@\n\n@@color:blue;<b>"You're cold as ever, I see."</b>@@\n\n@@color:orange;<b>"Stop hogging all her attention, Kaiji. I have so much I want to say to her as well..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:blue;<b>"How much can you possibly have to talk about. You've only known her for an hour."</b>@@\n\n@@color:orange;<b>"Because once I read her profile I..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:red;<b>"Give it a rest. It's not your playtime."</b>@@\n\n@@color:orange;<b>"Alright Mr. Super Elite Subaru. I'm sorry."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"What's so elite about him?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:orange;<b>"Subaru graduated from Harvard University and was top of his class at the police academy. Hence the Super Elite status."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"...Of all the possible jobs out there... a police!?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:yellow; {{{Note: nothing against police career it just goes with the plot. Police make $54,398.66 yearly minimal which is pretty good for starters and could go as high as $86,365.94 yearly.}}}@@\n\nSora gave me a quick history on Subaru impressive education background but it all went down hill after that.\n\n@@color:grey;(He maybe really good looking and have a good education background but decided on a stupid career. What a waste.)@@\n\nSeeing the bodyguards lined up the way they were, I realized that in spite of their difference they were all very good looking men.\n\n@@color:grey;(I guess one of the requirements for being a bodyguard are looks.)@@\n\n@@color:blue;<b>"Is there something wrong? You keep staring at us."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Nothing. Kaiji stop bothering me."</b>@@\n\nI used my hands and moved Kaiji's head out of my way.\n\n@@color:blue;<b>"Ow!"</b>@@\n\n@@color:orange;<b>"You want to talk with us some more and get to know us better, right?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Are you soliciting?"</b>@@\n\n<b>@@color:deeppink;"You'll scare her away if you start being too friendly, Sora"@@</b>\n\n@@color:orange;<b>"I'm not being too friendly."</b>@@\n\n<b>@@color:deeppink;"Just because you haven't been on an of your blind dates lately..."@@</b>\n\n@@color:orange;<b>"Hey! You shouldn't be starting strange rumors about me in front of her."</b>@@\n\n!<b>@@color:indigo;"Cut it out!"@@</b>\n\nThe door opened and Katsuragi returned and stopped the bickering between Mizuki and Sora.\n\n@@color:orange;<b>"Ack! It's the chief!"</b>@@\n\n<b>@@color:indigo;"What do you mean by that?"@@</b>\n\nKatsuragi came into the room and boxed the ears of each of the other men in turn.\n\n@@color:grey;(Ha, It's like one of those ridiculous scene from an anime series.)@@\n\n<b>@@color:indigo;"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. I apologize for the unprofessionalism shown in my staff."@@</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"No harm done."</b>@@\n\n<b>@@color:indigo;"They don't know how to hold their tongues half the time, but I assure you they are good at what they do."@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Which is running their mouths off...)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Ah, thanks."</b>@@\n\n<b>@@color:indigo;"One of us will be assigned as your personal bodyguard. You may choose who."@@</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Is that necessary?"</b>@@\n\n<b>@@color:indigo;"It's until we know you are safe again."@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:indigo;"You will need to be guarded 24 hours a day."@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:indigo;"I understand that this may be an inconvenience for you..."@@</b>\n\n<b>@@color:indigo;"We ask for your cooperation so we can keep you safe."@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(What a bother...)@@\n\n<b>@@color:indigo;"Who would you like to protect you?"@@</b>\n\n[IMG[]]
Meeting My Deadbeat Dad, The President
[IMG[]]\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"Please wait here."</b>@@\n\n"You have 5 minutes for your meeting. I understand you will have many questions but you must leave those for another date."\n\nI could hear voices outside the room.\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"Meeting...?"</b>@@\n\n@@color: grey;(With who...?)@@\n\nI didn't have time to ask before the door opened.\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n<b>"Hello, I am sorry to have startled you like this."</b>\n\n@@color: grey;(He's...)@@\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"Who are you again?"</b>@@\n\nBefore me stood someone that I've seen somewhere but I couldn't pinpoint where.\n\n<b>"Haha. I feel a tad embarrassed that my daughter couldn't recognize me."</b>\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"D-daughter!?."</b>@@\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"Sorry, I'm not comprehending you."</b>@@\n\n@@color: grey;(Wait a minute! I've seen this old geezer on television. He's the freaking president, Ryuichiro Hiraizumi!)@@\n\n<b>"I never stopped looking for you."</b>\n\n<b>"You are my daughter."</b>\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"You must be mistaken. No one would be delusional enough to want to admit they are my loser deadbeat father who abandoned my mother when she was pregnant with me."</b>@@\n\n<b>"I see you must be extremely angry at your father but has your mother told you anything about your father?"</b>\n\nI thought I saw Prime Minister Hiraizumi's face soften as he asked kindly.\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"Nothing. Zilich. Nada. Whenever I asked she would say, he's not mentioning."</b>@@\n\nMy mother who had told me this died when I was a little girl.\n\n@@color: grey;(After that, Grandma took me in...and I stopped asking about my father...)@@\n\nPrime Minister Hiraizumi had a sadden look on his face.\n\n<b>"Your mother had always been psychological unstable. Her mood was always bipolar, sometimes up and down. I never knew how she really felt. But your mother thought my position and decided to foster you."</b>\n\n<b>"By leaving me..."</b>\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"Don't lie old man! I don't give a fuck who you are but her disorder was caused by my loser deadbeat father."</b>@@\n\n<b>"I'm sorry for all the pain I have caused you but I was looking for you and your mother all the time. I've never forgot you guys."</b>\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"Like I will believe in such a tale."</b>@@\n\n<b>"Honest."</b>\n\nI could see the sadden and moist eyes that was honest to the words he had said.\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"What..."</b>@@\n\n"Prime Minister...We don't have so much time."\n\nPrime Minister Hiraizumi's secretary reminded him. \n\n<b>"I know."</b>\n\n<b>"You might cannot trust me but you are actually my real daughter."</b>\n\n<b>"It may be hard to trust...although let's try to be a family slowly."</b>\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"Hmm..."</b>@@\n\n@@color: grey;(My deadbeat loser father who I had hated all my life was actually the Prime Minister, Hiraizumi? I can't believe it.)@@\n\nWhen I saw his eyes it was earnest and that made me doubt what I had originally thought of him.\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"I have one more thing to tell you."</b>@@\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"Yeah?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"Maybe you might have realized in the case of the theme park, you are in danger."</b>@@\n\n!@@color: pink;<b>"What!"</b>@@\n\n<b>"It's because you're my daughter."</b>\n\n@@color: grey;(This is ridiculous! This old man first abandons us then he finds me to tell me my life is in danger because of him. Well thank you to you too!)@@\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"Actually, three days ago we noticed that the Prime Minister's car has been eavesdropping."</b>@@\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"Since it was the newest wiretap, it took us time to find it."</b>@@\n\n<b>"That let them know the presence of you."</b>\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"Say no more. I understand."</b>@@\n\n@@color: pink;<b>{{{"Your incompetents."}}}</b>@@\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"Sorry, couldn't hear what you said."</b>@@\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"Oh nothing, please go on."</b>@@\n\n@@color: grey;(Continue telling why I should be thankful towards that useless thing, I call my father.)@@\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"Please enlighten me, who are these people."</b>@@\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"For the sake of your safety, we can't tell you. However...threatening statement has been sent to us."</b>@@\n\n@@color: grey;(You're as helpful as those copy and paste replies from technical support from game companies.)@@\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"And it said, if we don't do as they told us...the daughter will die."</b>@@\n\n@@color: grey;(Seeing how incompetent, you lots are... I might as well start planning my funeral service.)@@\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"May I know the reason why I am going to die?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"The Prime Minister would put his own life on the line for the sake of justice."</b>@@\n\n@@color: grey;(But never for the sake of his family. I get it.)@@\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"However, because you are his only blood are also his only weakness."</b>@@\n\n@@color: grey;(First we get abandoned now I'm called his weakness...I feel so very much appreciated.)@@\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"You may be worried, but I promise you that our security team will protect you with everything we have."</b>@@\n\n@@color: grey;(Your promise is as valuable as the Belarus currency.)@@\n\n@@color:yellow;{{{Note: Which is 59.10% #1 highest inflation rate in the world}}}@@ \n\n[IMG[]]\n\n<b>"They are a very capable team of bodyguards. They will protect you."</b>\n\n"Sir, it's time."\n\n<b>"If you have any problems, let know right away."</b>\n\n@@color: pink;<b>"Okay..."</b>@@\n\nMy father touched my shoulder lightly before leaving the room.\n\n@@color: grey;(A team of bodyguards?? I guess it's better than just waiting to die.)@@\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"This way, please follow me."</b>@@\n\n@@color: grey;(My deadbeat loser father is the president? And my life is in danger thanks to him...?)@@\n\nI was having trouble letting it all sink in as I followed after [[Katsuragi.]]\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
If I ever meet [[him...]]\n\n\n
I felt I was born in this world to be a financial burden to my mother who took care of me by <u>[[herself.]]</u>.\n\n[IMG[]]
...suddenly I felt an arm around my shoulders.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Aah! What the hell?"</b>@@\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n@@color:red;<b>"Shush."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"You bastard let me go."</b>@@\n\nBut he did not loosen his grip.\n\n@@color:red;<b>"What's with your mouth? It's as dirty as the toilet."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Fuc-...!!!"</b>@@\n\nHe quickly covered my mouth for a moment and pulled me into his arms.\n\nHe had a face to rival any movie star, and I found myself drawn to it.\n\n@@color:grey;(He maybe hot but how dare he molests me without my permission.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Who are you!?"</b>@@\n\nI was ready to run my mouth again when there was a sudden gust of wind.\n\nI could hear the beat of a helicopter's blade as it hovered above us. \n\n@@color:grey;(Am I being kidnapped to be a movie extra?)@@\n\n@@color:red;<b>"Hold on."</b>@@\n\nHe gestured to a rope ladder that had tumbled down from the helicopter.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"You expect me to hold onto that?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:red;<b>"Don't argue."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I'm not doing anything until I get an answer."</b>@@\n\n@@color:red;<b>"I guess there is no other choice then..."</b>@@\n\nHe held one arm around me tight and grabbed the ladder with his other hand.\n\nAnd just like that, I was lifted up into the <u>[[helicopter.]]</u>\n
All I know was that he was a deadbeat that left my mom when she was pregnant with <u>[[me.]]</u>\n\n[IMG[]]
!@@color:red;<b>'Meeting My Deadbeat Father, The President'</b>@@\n(rewritten version of My Sweet Bodyguard Prologue)\nrewritten by: C.L\nRATED: PG - 13\n(There may be some profanity and some depictions of violence or brief nudity.)\n\n<b>@@color:yellow;*please do not copy any part of the story without giving credit to this site*@@</b>\n\n!<b>[Story Description]</b>\n\n!@@color:pink;<b>"No, I don't value my life! Fuck you. You don't know how much I hate my life."</b>@@ - MC\n\nYou have lived a poverty stricken life. Your mother single handedly raised you thanks to your deadbeat loser father. You lived with your grandmother after your mother died but now she's dead too and you're down to your last penny. You're stuck with a deadbeat job wearing a degrading bunny suit handing balloons to ungrateful children. If that wasn't bad enough...\n\n@@color:grey;(I knew that life really sucked but ending it this way...wasn't what I had in mind. You bastard, I wanted a glamorous death!)@@ - MC\n\nOne day you were held at gun point then was saved by a bunch of bodyguards who claims that your father wants to meet you. Not only that you now find out that your life is in danger thanks to your father. Your life just gets better and better.\n\n<b>Sprites taken from:</b> [[Fortykoubuns|]] \n\n<b>@@color:yellow;HINTS!!@@</b>\n<b>@@color:yellow;*If you want to see the more interesting dialogues I suggest that you pick the other answer and not the right answer from the event.*@@</b>\n\n<b>REMEMBER</b> the color codes LOL there's a lot in this one:\n@@color:pink;MC@@ @@color:orange;Sora@@ @@color:blue;Kaiji@@\n@@color:red;Subaru@@ @@color:deeppink;Mizuki@@ @@color:indigo; Katsuragi@@\n\n\n!<u>[[CONTINUE]]</u>
"Give me one too."\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"???"</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Hey, that's a pretty raspy to from a child.)@@\n\nI turned around to see a man with a hat pulled well down over his head.\n\n@@color:grey;(Weirdo.)@@\n\n"Don't move. Don't make a scene."\n\n@@color:grey;(What the hell is wrong with this guy.)@@\n\n@@color:grey;(Wait! Is that a gun? What?! He's pointing at me.)@@\n\n"You're the president's long lost daughter, correct?"\n\n@@color:grey;(This guy has a few screws loose.)@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"......"</b>@@\n\n"If you value your life you will answer me truthfully."\n\n@@color:grey;(Fucker! You're messing with the wrong girl.)@@\n\n!@@color:pink;<b>"No, I don't value my life! Fuck you. You don't know how much I hate my life."</b>@@\n\nI grabbed on to the guy's collar and spat those words at him.\n\nFor a moment there he was taken by surprise.\n\nHe then took ahold of my waist and tried to drag me off somewhere.\n\n"Shut the hell up!"\n\nHe raised his hands as though he wanted to hit me.\n\nI reflexly shut my eyes and used my hands to covered my head.\n\n@@color:grey;(If only I had money to take those self-defenses classes, I would have beaten the shit out of him.)@@\n\n!@@color:grey;(Screw you poverty!)@@\n\nI could feel the tip of the gun being pressed against my waist.\n\n@@color:grey;(I knew that life really sucked but ending it this way...wasn't what I had in mind. You bastard, I wanted a glamorous death!)@@\n\nMy mind was filled with images of how my death should have looked, when I heard footsteps coming towards me. \n\n!@@color:pink;<b>"Shut the hell up, you're distracting me!"</b>@@\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n<b>@@color:orange;"Sorry, have you been waiting long?"@@</b>\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"What?"</b>@@\n\nA woman I not know was waving as she ran towards me. \n\n@@color:grey;(Who the heck is she...she better not be one of the salesperson trying to sell me something.)@@\n\nJust as I turned to look at the woman...\n\n"Argh!"\n\n!@@color:blue;<b>"Stop right there!"</b>@@\n\nI turned around.\n\n[IMG[]]\n\nThe man who had been pointing a gun at me was being led away by another man.\n\n@@color:grey;(Serves you right, fucker!)@@\n\nI wanted to kick that guy but the other guy was looking at me.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Oh..."</b>@@\n\nI stepped forward, about to say something <u>[[when...]]</u>\n
I had always hated my life and my childhood was the perfect example of <u>[[misery...]]</u>\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n{{{Picture by Gethin Chamberlain.\n\n'A child stands by the roadside in a rural village north-east of the town of Katihar in Bihar state, India. The area is notorious as a source of trafficked children who are often sold by their parents to middlemen to be taken to work in workshops and hotels in Delhi and other major cities.'}}}
<b>My father?</b> Never seen that shitty asshole nor have I heard anything decent about [[him.]] \n\n[IMG[]]
I was half in disbelief as the place we reached was in fact the Prime Minister's residence.\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"So this is where our tax money went..?"</b>@@\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"I am Daichi Katsuragi of the National Police Guard Security Division."</b>@@\n\n!@@color:pink;<b>"Gah!"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"You scared the heck out of me. Don't pop out of no where."</b>@@\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"My apologies, but would I be able to ask you to change into this?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"And, what's wrong with what I'm wearing now?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"Well, umm...the bunny suit."</b>@@\n\nKatsuragi looked down and scratched the side of his head.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Oh, yes...My clothes..."</b>@@\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"We have already retrieved your belongings for the theme park locker room."</b>@@\n\n@@color:indigo;<b>"You will have them back later."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Thank you, I had been worried about my wallet in my bag."</b>@@\n\n@@color:grey;<b>(So he's a policeman? Why does he stand with his arm raised to his chest. What a weirdo.)</b>@@\n\nAfter getting changed I was shown to a back <u>[[room.]]</u>\n\n
<b>REMEMBER</b> the color codes LOL there's a lot in this one:\n@@color:pink;MC@@ @@color:orange;Sora@@ @@color:blue;Kaiji@@\n@@color:red;Subaru@@ @@color:deeppink;Mizuki@@ @@color:indigo; Katsuragi@@\n\nThere was yet another man sitting inside the helicopter.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Let go of me!"</b>@@\n\nI twisted around and raised my arms, trying to smack him.\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n@@color:red;<b>"I will, sheesh. You're like a wild animal."</b>@@\n\nHe finally let go of me.\n\n@@color:grey;(Who the heck do they think they are, touching me here and there.)@@\n\n@@color:red;<b>"You are a difficult woman, aren't you?"</b>@@\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n<b>@@color:deeppink;"Mind your tongue, Subaru."@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(So that bastard that was trying feel me up is Subaru.)@@\n\n<b>@@color:deeppink;"I think she makes a cute wild rabbit."@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(This fragile looking guy has good taste.)@@\n\n<b>@@color:deeppink;"I have secured the Multi, chief."@@</b>\n\n@@color:grey;(Chief? Multi? What are they talking about...?)@@\n\nJust then the helicopter shook violently.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Ooh..."</b>@@\n\nI stumbled and found myself falling towards Subaru. I intentionally elbowed him as I was stumbled to the seat next to him.\n\n@@color:grey;(Bullseye!)@@\n\n@@color:red;<b>"Ow!"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Sorry. My bad."</b>@@\n\n@@color:red;<b>"What do you mean by suddenly sitting down right here?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Don't look at me. Blame the helicopter."</b>@@\n\n@@color:red;<b>"Don't need to be so defensive. Just settle down. We won't eat you."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Okay."</b>@@\n\nI continued to sit next to Subaru.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"By the way...Where are we heading to?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:red;<b>"The Prime Minister's residence."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Oh, the Prime Minist..."</b>@@\n\n!@@color:pink;<b>"Oh, the Prime Minister's home!?"</b>@@\n\n<b>@@color:deeppink;"Yes, where the Prime Minister lives."@@</b>\n\n@@color:red;<b>"God, you're so loud."</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Shut it, pretty boy. So why are we going there?"</b>@@\n\n@@color:red;<b>"!!!"</b>@@\n\n@@color:red;<b>"Ahem...You'll understand once we get there. For now, just quiet down and be assured that we are not up to anything suspicious. "</b>@@\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Fine"</b>@@\n\nThe helicopter flew on gracefully passed the central city skyscrapers as I sat dumbstruck by the sudden turn of <u>[[events.]]</u>
I'll beat the shit out of <u>[[him!]]</u>\n\n[IMG[]]
"Bunny!!"\n\n"Look, it's a bunny rabbit!!"\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Yeah yeah... I'm the bunny rabbit. Yay!"</b>@@\n\nI waved my hands in the air as the children surrounded me.\n\n@@color:grey;(I don't know how much more of this I can handle.)@@\n\n"Can I have a balloon?"\n\n@@color:grey;(Sure take them all so I can go home.)@@\n\nI effortlessly handed one of the balloons to the child.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"I hate my job."</b>@@\n\n"What did you say, bunny?"\n\nOne of the children looked up at me.\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Nothing, go back to your mommy."</b>@@\n\nThen I gently gave the child a push towards his mom.\n\nIt was Sunday afternoon, and I was at work...handing out stupid balloons in a rabbit costume for stupid children.\n\n"Take that!"\n\nAll of sudden a child comes behind me and gave me a kick on my legs.\n\n@@color:grey;(Ow! That little rascal. I'm going to give him a beating if I see him after my shift is done.)@@\n\nI ignored the little rascal and continued to hand out the balloons, limping.\n\n[IMG[]]\n\n!@@color:pink;<b>"Come and get your balloons!"</b>@@\n\n"Thank you Bunny Rabbit! Bye bye!"\n\n@@color:pink;<b>"Bye."</b>@@\n\nMy finances are tight this month so I had to take this dementing job dressing up as a rabbit mascot handing out balloons to pay my <u>[[bills.]]</u>